Professional humidifier

These high-capacity professional humidifiers are suitable for use in large spaces or where high humidity is required.

Our humidifiers are suitable for areas such as offices, large homes, retail spaces, warehouses, printing houses, laboratories, greenhouses and all other areas in which the humidity must be brought to a comfortable level.

Different types of professional humidifiers for all applications

Our range of professional humidifiers includes 2 types of humidifiers:

  • air scrubber; a wheel consisting of filter material rotates and passes through the water reservoir at the bottom, air is blown through the wheel at the top. The water absorbed at the bottom is then evaporated.
  • Centrifugal humidification; water is knocked out from a very fast spinning disc where it is forced through a fine mesh grid, here it is broken up into a fine mist and blown out by the airflow.

An air scrubber is the optimal solution for an immediately deployable appliance that does not require a permanent water supply and can bring the room to a healthy and pleasant level up to 55 – 60%.

If a high capacity humidifier is required or if the humidity needs to be raised to a higher level (up to about 95%), a centrifugal humidifier is the right solution.

Permanent water supply for permanent use

All humidifiers can be connected to a permanent water supply, this is a useful and sometimes even necessary feature because these devices have such a high capacity that it is difficult or even almost impossible to refill continuously.

The permanent supply of water also ensures that the humidifier can run permanently and will not stop when the water tank is empty. This guarantees permanent operation. In rooms where someone is not permanently present, the air humidifying effect can continue in this way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy to use for immediate results

The appliances are easy to use, a power supply and a water connection are sufficient, the water connection can consist of a tap with a ¾” connection. Connection, adapters and hoses can be found under “accessories” on the product pages. The HALE PCMH45 DW humidifier is equipped with a large 30 liter water tank, so that connection to the water supply is not necessary, which makes the device even faster and easier to use.

You can easily find the right model for your application via the product finder. If you would like personal advice regarding the right solution for your situation, we can be reached by email and telephone.

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