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The SNE RAS-60 is a UV/photocatalytic air purifier for use against odors, volatile organic compounds, cigarette smoke odor, fungus, mold spores, viruses and allergens.

The application of photocatalytic oxidation using an UV-lamp combined with a photocatalytic cell cleans the air effectively without the use of filters, this allows the unit to function without fast moving air, allowing for silent operation.

The SNE RAS-60 is developed to be wall mounted for minimum space requirement, the sturdy  construction with steel housing allows the unit to be used for professional use in many types of rooms from public restroom, dressing rooms, gyms to storage rooms, labs and workshops.



  • Professional air purifier
  • UV/photocatalytic air purification
  • Very effective against odors, VOC’s and micro-organisms
  • Steel housing
  • Usable for rooms up to 80m²


Cleaning elements Pre-filter, UV lamp, fotocatalytic cell
Suitable for rooms up to 80 m2 (more information)
Operating modes 1
Weight 4.50 kg
Dimensions 220 x 450 x 100 mm (HxBxD)
Noise level 29 dB
Life span of air cleaning elements UV cell ca. 1 year
Power consumption 10 Watt
Voltage 220 – 240 Volt/50Hz
Warranty 2 years


Flyer SNE RAS – 60