Professional photocatalytic hvac airtreatment with UV-C against odors, volatile substances and micro-organisms

Effective elimination of micro-organisms and unpleasant odors

The SNE RAS-60 photocatalytic hvac airtreatment is a professional wall-mounted air purification system. By using high-quality UV lamps in combination with photocatalytic material, the RAS-60 is particularly effective against micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and fungi and against odors and volatile substances.

This makes the SNE RAS-60 an effective solution for combating odors and monitoring hygiene in changing rooms, fitness studios and sanitary facilities.

The action against micro-organisms makes the RAS-60 a reliable instrument to combat the spread of viruses or germs in all areas where people or animals come into frequent contact with each other, such as in waiting areas and/or medical practices.

Compact and easy to use

The SNE RAS-60 has been developed for wall mounting and the compact dimensions mean that the device does not need to take up space. The sturdy steel housing ensures that the device is suitable for use in public areas.

Photocatalytic air purification for clean air

In contrast to conventional air purifiers where the air cleaning/filtering effect only takes place in the unit, the air cleaning and sterilizing effect of the RAS-60 is active in the entire room.

Photocatalytic air purification is a high-quality and efficient air purification technique in which the air activated by the device also eliminates contaminants outside the device, so that a compact device such as the RAS-60 can purify rooms up to approx. 80m².

This technique is also used in air handling units and ventilation systems to prevent the spread of viruses and germs in office buildings, ships and offshore installations and is known as a reliable and efficient air purification technique.

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SNE RAS 60 photocatalytic hvac airtreatment


pureairpro RAS 60 photocatalytic purifier


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Why this product?

  • Professional wall-mounted air purifier
  • UV/Photocatalytic Air Purification
  • Remote control
  • Very effective against odors
  • Suitable for changing rooms, toilet areas
  • Highly effective against micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Solid steel construction
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 80 m²
Multi photocatalytic odor control


Automatic operation
Air purification elements
Lifetime air cleaning elements
Operating modes
Power consumption
Dimensions (mm, HxWxD)
Noise level
Suitable for rooms up to approx.

4.5 kg
UV cell after 1 year
220 – 240 V
2 years
10 Watt
220 x 450 x 100
29 dB
80 m2