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SNE HVAC Air Purification System

The SNE HVAC Purification System is a high-tech air purification device, integrated with the most advanced MCITM Technology. Multi Catalytic Ionization Technology with self-owned intellectual property rights. It’s combined with the high-strength UV, which is made by a certain quartz ultraviolet duct, and with safety biology activated oxygen (it doesn’t give off a secondary pollution such as nitric acid and nitrogen oxides.). Under the control of the special nm-wave, they will produces hydroxyl radical Oxygen, hydro-Peroxide, Super Oxide Ions and Negative Ions through multiple catalysis of nm-TiO2 and other catalysts to help purify air rapidly and comprehensively, kill over 90% of bacteria, virus and microorganisms. Also it can absorb and reduce the chemical gas, VOC, smoke and odor to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). In the process above, the biology-activated oxygen, Hydroxyl radical Oxygen, Hydro- Peroxides will revert quickly and remain no chemical residues and secondary pollution after the pollutant oxidation.


SNE MCITM Technology has been Tested and Certified by the Functions:

  1. According to the test reports, more than 90% of the microorganisms, bacteria, virus, epiphyte and mildew can be killed rapidly. Chemical gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC, tobacco smoke, dust, odors and rancidity can be eliminated and decomposed. Negative ions in air can be increased so as to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  2. Bacteria and virus ’s being killed dynamically can prevent the people in doors from some diseases such as flu, pathogenic
    building syndrome, legionnaires disease, and prevent the spread of germs, cross infection, hypersensitivity to make it
    favorable to the health of people. And also prevent the indoor equipment, furniture, goods and information from the damage caused by mildew.
  3. No chemical residues and secondary pollution and IAQ level is to accord with stipulated by U.S. EPA, FDA, OSHA & WHO IAQ guide lines.
  4. “Online” (dynamic) disinfection purification system. Indoor running doesn’t affect people’s working and living.
  5. Small particles, dust and suspended solids can be dealt with and absorbed to form larger ones so that the filter can easily remove them and can improve the filter adhesion rate to make the air clean, bright and comfortable.


Cleaning elements UV lamp, fotocatalytic cell
Suitable for air volume 1 – 25.000 m³/hour, depending on model
Voltage 220 – 240 Volt/50Hz



SNE Features:

  1. Safety: ensured with multiple protections such as temperature, over current, over-voltage, short circuit, open circuit.
  2. Reliability: Power control with adaptive design, SMT technology, stable performances, quartz duct usage prolonged significantly UV use time >12,000hours,
  3. Adaptability: high adaptability power supply. Operating well in the range of AC/100V-250V /50Hz-60Hz. Also provided with DC/12V system.
  4. Energy saving: super energy-saving design.
  5. No impact on the HVAC; no air resistance; noise-free.
  6. Low maintenance: stable and reliable operation, a purification failure and power indication, which may facilitate monitoring.
  7. Particularly applied to: office buildings, airports, railway stations, halls, theatres, commercial plaza, large supermarkets and other large-scale constructions with large areas and high storey.

Using the SNE air disinfection purification system will make the indoor air as clear as that in the forests or after thunderstorms. People will enjoy a clean, comfortable and healthy environment to work and live.


FAP HVAC Operation Diagrams

FAP Air Purification System (AHU/PAU)
DF: Standard Model DV: Special Model (Sterilization only)











212 / 8.5”

60 – 100




287 / 11”

100 – 300




356 / 14”

300 – 500




436 / 17”

500 – 700




540 / 21”

700 – 900





1. All the FAP designed is double tube type.
2. UV Tube: Germany Heraeus Noblelight GmbH Production。 3. Voltage:AC/100-250V/50Hz/60Hz.
4. According to the airflow and area, type selected can be done.
5. There are power switch, power and run light in control unit of FAP. 6. Interface for center computer monitoring (option).



FAP HVAC Series Installation Diagrams


Flyer CAP FAP series