SNE CAP VBOThe SNE CAP VBO is a system that can be easily installed in exhaust air ducts to break down odors and volatile substances. The use of a UV / photocatalytic cell without filters gives the system no air resistance and is capable of deodorizing large quantities of air.

The CAP VBO uses the same patented UV / multi-photocatalytic MCI technology as the SNE CAP models but in a more aggressive form in which harmful substances are broken down more quickly, because these systems have been developed for air discharge channels, they can also produce ozone, which is the breakdown of odors, gases and volatile substances. This not only breaks down odors, but also eliminates substances that are harmful to health.

The CAP VBO can, in combination with oil mist filters, even play a supporting role in oil mist filtration, the oil molecules not collected by filters are broken down into water and carbon dioxide.

These technologies are also very effective against microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi which also makes the CAP VBO suitable for air sterilization in air exhaust and air treatment systems.

Different types of photocatalytic material have different strengths, which is why in the MCI system (Multi Catalytic Oxidation) various photocatalytic materials are used for an effectiveness against a wide range of contaminants.

The applied technologies have been developed and patented by SNE itself, the applied UV quartz lamps are of high German quality (Heraeus).


Cleaning elements UV lamp, fotocatalytic cell
Suitable for air volume 1 – 4.500 m³/hour, depending on model
Power consumption 220 – 240 Watt


Flyer CAP VBO series