Photocatalytic HVAC airtreatment formounting in exhaust ducts

Advanced odor control technology, effective and easy to deploy (photocatalytic HVAC airtreatment)

Odor nuisance has been a topical theme for many years. Activities such as agriculture, catering (kitchens), repair/maintenance and industry can lead to odor nuisance if they take place in any vicinity of homes. Extraction of the room with filters can be a solution, but especially where the odor intensity is high, these will only be of limited effectiveness, take up a lot of space and have to be replaced regularly.

The SNE VBO odor control devices are easy to use, take up very little space and effectively combat odors, volatile substances and gases by using UV/photocatalytic air purification. The SNE VBO air purification systems are equipped with UV/photocatalytic cells, in which the application of ultraviolet light in combination with photocatalytic material (titanium dioxide Tio2) generates a photocatalytic reaction that breaks down harmful substances.

This technology is also applied in the other SNE products that have been developed for use in air treatment systems. Because the VBO appliances have been developed for use in exhaust ducts, kitchen extraction and other circumstances where the air/odor is extracted to the outside, the VBO models produce more ozone than the other SNE appliances. Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect on odors, volatile substances and gases, which gives the VBO devices a very strong odor-depleting effect.

An excess of ozone is undesirable in closed spaces, but when used in an extraction or exhaust duct, most of the ozone itself is also eliminated due to the oxidation process of the contaminants and the last bit will quickly dissipate in the outside air, thus eliminating odors on the way outside and around the room. exhaust opening to the maximum.

These technologies are also very effective against micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, which makes the VBO devices also suitable for air sterilization in exhaust air and air treatment systems.

Quick and easy to install, low running costs

The SNE VBO units are very easy to install, making a few holes in the air duct or chimney is sufficient, the housing of the unit is mounted on the outside and the UV/photocatalytic cells protrude into the airflow to be treated. The UV/photocatalytic cells have a lifespan of approximately 8,000 hours and are easy to replace.

Configurable to your application

A number of different versions are available, which can be distinguished in the CAP-VBO (single UV photocatalytic cell) and FAP-VBO (two photocatalytic cells) models, both models are available with UV/photocatalytic cells in different lengths, which can be selections depend on the intensity of the (odor) pollution, air throughput and available space.

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SNE CAP VBO FAP VBO photocatalytic odor control



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Overview of properties

  • Elimination of odors around kitchen, installation, business premises or laboratory
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Also very effective against micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Developed for use in air extraction
  • Can also be used for ozone air disinfection in an air-circulating device for when there are no people in the room
  • Photocatalysis to enhance the air-disinfecting effect of UV light
  • Various versions available for different air volumes, applications and room sizes
  • Air purification without filters
  • Stable operation with a UV cell life of approx. 8,000 hours
Multi photocatalytic odor control



For air transit
< 300 m³/uur
< 500 m³/uur
< 800 m³/uur
< 1.000 m³/uur
1.000- 2.500 m³/uur
2.500 – 3.500 m³/uur
3.500 – 4.500 m³/uur

UV Cel
1x 127 n/a
1x 212 n/a
1x 287 n/a
2x 287 n/a
2x 356 n/a
2x 436 n/a
2x 540 n/a

5 W
10 W
12 W
12W X 2
12W X 2
20W X 2
25W X 2


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