Thermodynamic monoblock ventilation ceiling unit with heat recovery Rinnova 2.0

Effective ventilation with full retention of the indoor temperature, can also be used for cooling and (additional) heating

Innova 2.0 Rinnova monoblock ventilation Ceiling unit 40 heat pump WTW

Fresh air without heat loss, also capable of cooling and heating

Ventilation with thermodynamic heat recovery for clean, oxygen-rich air at a pleasant temperature
The 2.0 Rinnova Ceiling 40 combines ventilation, heating and cooling in one easy-to-install unit for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

The so-called thermodynamic heat recovery uses a heat pump to maintain or improve the temperature in combination with the supply of fresh outside air.

The 2.0 Rinnova Ceiling 40 is capable of supplying a room with up to approx. 16 persons with fresh, purified and heated or cooled air as required.

Inverter heat pump technology for efficient cooling and heating
The inverter heat pump technology guarantees an efficient generation of heat and coolness, the unit will use more energy with the heat pump than a conventional heat recovery system, but recovers this because the heating already present is relieved.

Easy installation, deployment and operation

The 2.0 Rinnova Ceiling 40 can be placed under the ceiling. The indoor air is discharged through 2 holes and fresh outdoor air is supplied, where it is purified and brought to the desired temperature.

With dimensions of 225mm high, 1010mm wide and 690mm deep, the device is very compact in relation to the capacity and is suitable for use in classrooms, offices, conference rooms, shops, etc.

Sensors for CO2, temperature, volatile substances and humidity measure the condition of the air and adjust the operation of the device accordingly. The device can also be operated manually via the display, remote control or app (via WiFi).

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Rinnova monoblock ventilation ceiling unit


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Rinnova ..2.0 Ceiling

  • Fresh air supply 400m³/hour (460m³/hour boost)
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 16 people (25m³/hour per person according to UNI 10339 standard)
  • Heating power total 3.62kW
  • Cooling capacity total 2.77kW
  • COP 4.3
  • EER 3.0
  • Power consumption 910 Watt
  • Maximum noise production 41/43 dB(A)


Automatic operation
Air transit
Energy release during cooling
Energy consumption in cooling
Energy release when heating
Energy consumption during heating
WiFi connected
Gas type
Suitable for rooms up to
Compressor type
Diameter wall holes for air ducts
Dimensions (mm, hxwxd)
Energy class cooling
Noise level

74 kg
400 m³/hr (460 m³/hr in boost)
2.770 Watt
840 Watt
3.620 Watt
910 Watt
220-240 V
16 persons
4,3 W/W
162 mm
3,0 W/W
255 x 1.010 x 690mm
2 Years
max 43 dB

Rinnova ..2.0 Vertical

Monoblock Ventilation wall unit
  • Fresh air supply 320m³/hour (380m³/hour boost)
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 12 people (25m³/hour per person according to UNI 10339 standard)
  • Heating power total 3.1kW
  • Total cooling capacity 2.41kW
  • COP 4.4
  • EER 3.3
  • Power consumption 730 Watt
  • Noise production maximum 41 dB(A)
Improving air quality is a necessity

Especially in areas where many people come together such as classrooms, shops, conference rooms, restaurants and offices, air quality is an important point of attention, a lack of oxygen leads to a “musty” impression of the room, and is at the expense of concentration, energy and well-being. Micro-organisms that everyone carries with them find a fertile breeding ground to spread.

Outdoor air is reliable and effective to combat indoor air pollution

Contamination such as (fine) dust, volatile substances, CO2, viruses, bacteria and fungi can be quickly combated by removing the indoor air and replacing it with heated (or cooled in the summer) outdoor air. This air can also be filtered by the appliance.

Effective heating or cooling of the fresh outdoor air to maintain or maintain the indoor temperature.

Where a conventional heat recovery system can never retain/recover all the heat, a Rinnova system with a heat pump can heat the fresh air at normal temperatures compared to the exhaust air and at very low temperatures (up to approx. -5°C) the fresh air to the same temperature as heat the indoor air.

Mechanical ventilation for effective air exchange

Opening windows or ventilation grids is not sufficient for effective air exchange, the Rinnova appliances provide a powerful and permanent renewal of the indoor air.

Separation of the outgoing and incoming air to prevent recirculation of the stale indoor air

With ventilation via ventilation grilles or many common heat recovery units, part of the exhaust air circulates back inside, the Rinnova appliances ensure that the air brought in is fresh outside air.

Apply solutions based on data from reliable sources

Innova works with or processes advice from the following organizations in the development of the Rinnova appliances: AiCARR (Italian Association for Air Treatment, Heating and Cooling), REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).