PureAirPro 1200 point extraction 2 arms

Powerful extractor with 180cm arm and stainless steel extraction funnel, can also be used as an point extraction 2 arms

Powerful and multifunctional industrial extractor

As an extractor, the PureAirPro 1200 is suitable for extracting and purifying pollution such as odors, gases, volatile substances, vapors and (fine) dust particles.

The extractor is suitable for work such as soldering, gluing, melting, sealing, scorching and all other work where harmful substances are spread in the air.

The appliance is standard equipped with a filter set that is suitable for most applications, but can also be equipped with filters for specific applications.

The PureAirPro 1200 is equipped with a modern EC motor, which is infinitely adjustable so that the right operating mode can be found for every application, from very quiet to extremely powerful.

The sturdy rubber castors with brakes make it easy to move the device for mobile use (some pictures show the old, small castors, the new ones are bigger and sturdier, with brakes).

The optional remote control can be used to control the operation of the unit from the workplace if the unit is set up in such a way that the control panel is not directly accessible.

A flexible hose for the exhaust air discharge is also available to exhaust the exhaust air outside or if the appliance is used in a small room where the discharged clean air can cause air circulation making extraction more difficult.

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Pure Air Pro 1200 point extraction 2 arms


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Overview of properties

Why this product?

  • Powerful extractor for professional use
  • Compact dimensions at extremely high capacity
  • 180cm extraction arm, diameter 110mm
  • Stainless steel suction funnel with shut-off valve
  • High-quality 480 Watt EC motor for long life and quiet operation
  • Can also be used as an air purifier
  • Very quiet in low operating modes
  • Stepless operation
  • Different filters available for various applications
  • Solid construction in impact-resistant plastic
  • Can be used as an extractor with hose connection
  • Capacity 1,245 m/h with standard filter set, 1,590 m³/h with F5/F7 filter set
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 600 m³

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  • Weight (kg)
  • Automatic operation
  • Lifetime of air cleaning elements
  • Air throughput per hour
  • Voltage
  • Pre-filter
  • WiFi connected
  • Power consumption
  • Dimensions (mm, HxWxD)
  • Noise level maximum
  • Suitable for rooms

Depending on the conditions
1,245 m3
Yes, standard
Up to 480W
585 x 650 x 450 mm (without arm)
65 dB
Up to approx. 1,500 m2