PureAirPro professional air purifier

The importance of clean air

Air quality is of the utmost importance in the working environment. In the office, laboratory, production area as well as in a workshop, the quality of the air is decisive when it comes to productivity, well-being and orderliness of the room. However, the safety and health of the people in the room will always be the main reason for improving air quality.

There are many factors that negatively influence air quality, especially where work is carried out. Many people are present in one building or room, the ventilation is often poor and is sometimes even the source of pollution. Activities of a technical nature often produce (fine) dust, odors or volatile substances and products such as plastics, glues, resins and other materials and raw materials can spread volatile substances or gases.

If we take into account that people spend most of the day in this environment and are present here about 250 days a year, it is clear that optimizing air quality has a major positive effect in the short and long term.

An easily deployable solution with great effect

The PureAirPro 1200 is a professional air purifier, compact, multi-purpose and very powerful air purifier that can be used in many ways and offers a solution for many circumstances and pollution. The device is mobile or can be used as a fixed installation, as an air purifier for the entire room. It is capable of extracting polluted air, specifically blowing purified air into a room or being used as a point extractor.

Various applications and configurations, can be used as an air purifier or point extraction

The PureAirPro can be used as an air purifier but also as a point extractor, the device is available with one or two extraction arms for extraction of smoke, vapor (fine) dust or odours. With the wired remote control, the device can be switched on and off from the workplace and the swivel wheels make mobile use easy. The extraction adapter and the arms can be installed in a few minutes, so that the PureAirPro can also be converted into an air purifier after purchase and vice versa.

The various available filter configurations make the PureAirPro 1200 effective against all regularly occurring contaminants, an optional UV/photocatalytic system adds a disinfectant effect against microorganisms and accessories such as suspension bracket, remote control, extraction arms and muffler make it suitable for use in many different conditions from construction site to workshop. The PureAirPro 1200 is available in blue or light grey.

We hope that this brochure gives you a clear picture of the possibilities of this air purification device and if you would like further explanation or wonder whether this device can be a solution for you, we would like to hear from you.

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Why this product?

  • Industrial air purifier for mobile and permanent use
  • Compact dimensions at extremely high capacity
  • High-quality 480 Watt EC motor for long life and quiet operation
  • Very quiet in low operating modes (muffler available for noise reduction at high operating modes)
  • Solid construction in impact-resistant and scratch-resistant plastic
  • Stepless operation
  • Different filters available for various applications/contaminations
  • Solid construction in impact-resistant and scratch-resistant plastic
  • Equipped with 2 sockets with cover flap
  • Automatic filter change indicator (for standard filter sets)
  • Capacity 1,245 m/h with standard filter set, 1,590 m³/h with F5/F7 filter set
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 600 m³, depending on the circumstances

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  • Air transit
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx.
  • Dimensions (mm, h x w x d)
  • Weight
  • Power consumption
  • Noise level
  • Lifetime of air cleaning elements
  • Voltage
  • 1,245 m²/hour with standard filter set
  • 1,590 m²/hr with F5/F7 filter set
  • 1,500 m²
  • 585 x 650 x 400 (without arm)
  • 22 kg
  • < 480 W
  • < 65 dB
  • Depending on the circumstances
  • 220V / 50H