Almost invisible, powerful, noiseless and space-saving:
this is the INNOVA monoblock airconditioning without an external unit

The new Innova 2.0 line represents the “state of art” in the field of Monoblock airconditioning, these high-quality appliances are very energy-efficient (A+), particularly quiet, and the modern, neutral design means that these appliances can be integrated into any interior. The Innova 2.0 monoblock air conditioners are suitable for use at home, in the office, in a hotel room, a shop or any other room in which the temperature must be brought to and maintained at a pleasant level.

The Innova 2.0 appliances are equipped with the latest technology, the Inverter compressor ensures that the desired temperature is reached faster and when the temperature has reached the desired value, it is maintained with less energy consumption.

Cooling and heating with Inverter heat pump technology

In addition to cooling, the Innova 2.0 appliances are also suitable for heating the room. With the efficient heat pump technology, the room is brought and kept at a pleasant temperature with a minimum of energy consumption. All Innova 2.0 appliances are suitable for heating, for a space such as a holiday home, detached garden house, portacabin or other unheated space, the 2.0 ELEC is recommended, it is equipped with a 1kW electric heater so that optimum heating capacity is available even at very low temperatures is.


Various Innova monoblock airconditioning

The Innova 2.0 monoblock air conditioners are available in horizontal and vertical versions, the horizontal version is comparable in size to a radiator and therefore has a minimal visual impact when hung low on the wall. The vertical version is suitable for rooms where no free wall with a width of 110 cm is available and can be hung next to or between windows. The narrower dimensions mean that the airflow is more audible, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a device for the bedroom.

The 9HP Mini is 20cm narrower than the standard horizontal models and thus offers additional options for installation in small spaces such as a bedroom. The radiator in the bedroom is regularly replaced by an Innova air conditioner that, in addition to cooling, can also provide heating.

The 15HP is the most powerful air/air Innova air conditioner and needs larger holes with a diameter of 20cm. This device is suitable for larger spaces such as a shop, office or other location where making larger holes is not a problem.

Innova Monoblock air conditioning without outdoor unit

For situations where the standard Innova 2.0 monoblock appliances cannot be used, the 2.0 H2O is an alternative, this water/air monoblock air conditioner uses water as a medium to supply/retract or extract the heat and can be connected to a water cycle or to the water supply, no holes need to be drilled in the wall and the device can therefore also be mounted on an interior wall.

These Innova monoblock air conditioners without an outdoor unit are easy to operate via the control panel, the supplied remote control, but also via your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to operate the device from another location. When installing multiple devices, such as in a hotel or office building, it is also possible to control them simultaneously.

Innova Monoblock Airconditioning

Decentralized ventilation with heat recovery via heat pump

The 2.0 Rinnovas use the same technology as the 2.0 monobock appliances, but with these appliances the emphasis is on ventilation. With this so-called thermodynamic heat recovery, fresh air is blown into the room, the heat being extracted from the air discharged outside. This results in a system with a high ventilation capacity but without any heat loss, the system is even capable of (extra) heating. A system like this will consume more energy than a conventional decentralized heat recovery system, but this is compensated again because the heating already present needs to heat less, so bottom line it is a gain in ventilation and energy consumption.

innova renewing systems


innova ..2.0 mini

The 2.0 MINI is a new, extra compact version of the 2.0 conditioner, with a width of 80 centimeters it can be placed where the standard versions of the 2.0 would not fit. The MINI works with the R32 refrigerant, which combines high energy efficiency with greatly reduced environmental impact.


The ..2.0 air/air units are the most popular ..2.0 units and have been successfully used for cooling and heating for years. New for 2022 is the use of the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant that does not contribute to the breeches effect and allows the ..2.0 heat pumps to cool more efficiently with a smaller amount of refrigerant than before. A new 15HP version is also available, which has a more powerful cooling and heating effect due to the use of larger openings for the supply and exhaust of outside air.

15HP H2O

Innova 2.0 Monoblock Airco

The ..2.0 H2O is the water-to-air air conditioner that uses groundwater, mains water or closed-loop water. It heats or cools according to the season with a constant water temperature. One of the most innovative technical solutions in the building world for renovating without intervening on the existing plumbing.


innova ..2.0 vertical

The vertical version of ..2.0 is ideal when there is simply not enough room or there is no room at all, like between two French windows or near corners.


9HP Mini

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