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Easy to install, low maintenance, extremely high capacity

The Idealin Fogmax is a professional humidifier which combines extreme humidifying capacity to compact dimensions and ease of installation. A product which ensures powerful humidification in any application. It works on the centrifugal principle and can effectively break the supplied water in very fine particle size of 5 – 10 microns. Due to its innovative design, the fog can be directed both horizontal and vertical, thereby allowing you, as a user, more flexibility of use. The fog particles always evaporate in the air (thus increasing room humidity), irrespective of rigorous working conditions. It does not require compressed air or water pressure pumps to function. Depending on the application, it can be used with an optional air filter to prevent internal pollution and/or the spreading of pollutions in the air.

The Fogmax is ideal for situations where high humidity levels are needed with a minimum of installation, the Fogmax only needs a water connection (easily connectable to a faucet) and electrical power to function, accessories such as air and water filters, water hose, connectors and hygrostats are also available.


  • Unique portable industrial humidifier (9kgs only)
  • Energy saving with low power consumption (only 90 Watts)
  • High humidification capacity of 6-8 liter/hour
  • Capable of generating high RH levels (to over 90%)
  • It never rests (24/7 workhorse)
  • Large coverage area
  • Applications: Greenhouses, Q.A. / Q.C. Laboratories, Warehouses, Research Chambers and printing industry

Technical specifications

Particle size 5 – 10 microns
Power supply 220-240 V/50 Hz
Operating temp 1 – 50° C
Humidification capacity 6 – 8 l/hr
Power input 90 W
Water connection 0.5 Inch (< 5 kg/cm2)
Area coverage 60 – 80m² for 90% humidity, 90 – 500m² for 60% humidity
Dimensions 370 x 370 x 480 mm
Weight 9 kg. (dry)


Available accessories:

  • Digital humidity control system
  • Air filter
  • Water filter
  • Water supply connection material
  • Oscillating stand (120°)


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