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Easy to install, low maintenance, high capacity

The Idealing FOG360 is a versatile and easily installable humidifier. When installed in the centre of the room, it ensures uniform distribution of the water particles (4 – 8 microns) inside the entire room. It produces droplet-free humidification without condensation with sufficient height. It can increase humidity up to 70% inside closed rooms. It can be easily connected to a humidistat for effective functioning and precise humidity control. Due to its sophisticated design, it does not require frequent maintenance and cleaning. All infrastructure to hang the machine from the ceiling are provided with it.

The FOG360 only needs a water connection (easily connectable to a faucet) and electrical power to function, accessories such as water filters, water hose, connectors and hygrostats are also available.


  • Lowest energy consumption in its range (90 watts only)
  • Full 360 degrees fog output ensures uniformity
  • Effectively covers up to 200m² with negligible maintenance
  • Can be easily hung from the ceiling, hence no floor space occupied
  • Specially designed motor with built-in thermostat capable of generating 20,000 hrs. of non-stop power
  • No condensation due to extremely fine particle size (4 – 8 microns), thus giving dry fog effect
  • Designed to maintain up to 90% RH in an enclosed room with 4 – 6 liter/hour of humidification output
  • Applications: Greenhouses, Q.A. / Q.C. Laboratories, Warehouses, Research Chambers and Electronics Industries


Technical Specifications

Particle size 4 – 8 Microns
Power supply Single Fase, 220 – 240 VAC / 50 Hz
Operating temperature 1 – 50° C
Humidification capacity 4 – 6 L./hr
Power input 90 W
Water connection 0.5 Inch (< 5 kg/cm2)
Area coverage 30 – 50m² for 90% humidity, 60 – 200m² for 60% humidity
Dimensions 370 x 370 x 480 mm
Weight 9 kg (dry)


Available accessories:

  • Digital humidity control system
  • Water filter
  • Calcium filter
  • Water supply connection material


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